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Van Diemen RF97 F2000

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Part Number: RF97/2-#2354
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RF97 Van Diemen F2000  with Nelson engine 0 Hours -2006 – a comprehensive rebuild with new pistons, valve springs and dyno test – returned  in 2006 for a routine rebuild, again with new valve springs and dyno test. Nelson says it was a good engine with no issues. 

Car has not raced since 2005   

Bodywork is in immaculate condition with updated diffuser for extra downforce

will include Updated front wing secondary wing flaps for higher down force.

Complete spare rear wing assembly also includes composite endplates and low and high downforce set up.

1- new spare all aluminum radiator

gearbox is in excellent shape does not need any rebuild or ring and pinion.

new starter never used

3- extra gear ratios included

4- extra pairs of hyperco springs

car comes with OZ wheels black with yellow stripe.

extra wheels are up for negotiation

also spare exhaust included with car

car comes with Olins triple adjustable shocks that were fully serviced last time car ran back in 2006- car has been parked  since 2008 with only periodically running of engine to make sure everything remains lubricated

current seat belts and working fire system are guaranteed

SPA mirrors

This car has had a very easy life with very few races and always top maintenance record.

spare nose and nose box included

Floating brake rotors in excellent condition with new disc bolts and new PFC 13 compound brake pads

2 new cv boots included as spares

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