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ITG Filter Element Only, JC20-100

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Part Number: 3817-02025-jc20-100
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ITG air filters use a three-stage foam for excellent airflow with great filtration. The ITG "Megaflow" line of racing air filters have distinctive red plastic bands around the top and bottom of the filter element.

The JC20 series is designed to fit a single carburetor (such as Weber DGV, DCOE, IDA) or 1 or 2 throttles on a fuel injection system. The element measures 5 7/8" wide x 7 9/16" long. The nominal height in the part number refers to the internal height in millimeters. Baseplates are sold separately.

ITG JC20 Height Chart
Model Internal Height Overall Height HP Rating* Part No.
JC20/25 25mm (1") 50mm (2") 140 3817-020-25
JC20/40 40mm (1.6") 65mm (2.6") 180 3817-020-40
JC20/65 65mm (2.6") 90mm (3.5") 230 3817-020-65
JC20/100 100mm (3.9") 125mm (4.9") 300 3817-020-100
* For 1 filter. To calculate HP rating for 2 filters, multiply the rating shown by 1.5.

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